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Expertise ESPON SCALES Project

The ESPON project “Breakdown and capitalisation of ESPON results on different scales – ESPON SCALES” aims to develop strategies to disseminate the Europewide ESPON studies more effectively to the various target groups at regional and local level. Special attention is given to addressing the challenges of the different scales of the results. Also those actors were involved in the discus­sion about the usability of ESPON results that can benefit most from them: policy makers, representa­tives of the administration, scientists and the professio­nal public. The Austrian Conference on Spatial Plan­ning (ÖROK)the ESPON Contact Point for Austria commissioned ÖIR to elabo­rate the Austrian contribu­tion to the project on the topic of “risk management, climate change and culture(landscape)” together with the ÖROK. One of the highlights of the ESPON SCALES project was a seminar for experts held in June 2012 in Vienna, which dealt with the challenges of climate change and risk management for spatial development in Austria and Europe, and with the benefits of ESPON results for spatial planning at national and regional level.   

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Project Team: Erich Dallhammer, Pia Kaiser, Joanne Tordy

Client: Austrian Conference on Spatial Planing - ÖROK

Period of performance: 2012

Download: Project description