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Updating the focus of regional development in the region of Pinzgau

In the region of Pinzgau a process focussing on regional development took place in 2003. In 2010 the regionally significant projects were updated by a questionnaire sent out to the 28 municipalities of Pinzgau. The regional profile of the Pinzgau was analysed in its four sub-regions and examined by reference of supra-regional plans and policies. The analysis covered the field economy, tourism, transport, demographic change and society.

In the context of five workshops the results of the surveys were discussed with professionals of the local governments (mayors, or chief officers in charge of planning/regional development officers) and if necessary supplemented. Finally the results were presented and discussed in a regional forum.

Project team: Erich Dallhammer, Gerhard Ainz, Heidi Collon, Pia Kaiser, Christof Schremmer

Partner: DDr. Richard Schmidjell

Client: Regional management Pinzgau, Austria

Leistungszeitraum: 2010

Download: Project description

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