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New traffic concept for the south of Linz

On behalf of Linz Linien AG (local public transport authority of Linz), Reinhold Deußner, Florian Fasching and Florian Keringer from ÖIR developed a bus line concept for the rapidly growing southern parts of Linz. Due to the dynamic population growth in Linz (the third biggest city in Austria), the public transport system is expected to reach its limits in the coming years. Furthermore, the southern parts of the city are inadequately connected to eastern Linz, i.e. industrial and port areas. The aim of the project was to make public transport in Linz even more attractive through new connections and as a by-product, relieve the existing lines, especially the trams. ÖIR's own macroscopic transport model of the city of Linz and Upper Austria as well as catchment area analyses were applied for this study. On the basis of this work, the City of Linz presented two new bus lines 13 and 14 in October 2019, which are scheduled to go into operation in the next four years. Further information on this project can be found here and on the ÖIR-website (in German language).