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Evaluation of the programme for cross-border cooperation Bavaria – Czech Republic

ÖIR is leading the consortium evaluating the INTERREG Bavaria-Czech Republic programme. ÖIR is joined in this evaluation by SPF Group and SPRINT. The purpose of the study is to conduct an impact evaluation of the thematic priority axes of the INTERREG Bavaria – Czech Republic programme, as well as an implementation evaluation on the process. Quantitative, such as counterfactuals, and qualitative, such as desk research, tools are used to assess the programme in terms of its efficiency, effectiveness, coherence.

The Bavarian-Czech INTERREG programme is characterised by a significant degree of continuity across programme periods, but also by a relatively low programme volume in relation to the number of inhabitants. As such, the contribution analysis is used as an overarching framework to evaluate the impacts of the programme and distil policy recommendations. The contribution analysis is a theory-based approach to impact evaluation which features an empirical revisiting of factors underpinning the logical chains of policy actions. Each priority axis is evaluated individually with tailored qualitative and quantitative approaches.


An Important output of the evaluation are the impacts of the undertaken projects, with a focus on the contribution to the specific objectives of the programme. In addition to analysing the impact of the individual specific objectives, the development of policy recommendations is a central output of the project. These provide input for the adjustment of measures and their impacts in light of the programming of the period 2021-2027.

Duration: 2018-2019

Project team: Erich Dallhammer; Arndt Münch, Bernd Schuh

Partners: SPRINT PartG, SPF Group

Client: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy

Download: Project description