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The evaluation of the Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides is published

OIR carried out the evaluation of implementation of Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides. The study, commissioned by the European Parliament Research Service, was written in collaboration with Arcadia International and t33 as well as external experts. The aim was to investigate how and to which extent the Directive is implemented (i.e. transposed, applied and enforced). Attention was also drawn to the implementation of one of the Directive´s provisions, namely, Article 14 on the general principles of integrated pest management. This study summarises the responses of more than eighty relevant actors in the field – national authorities and other non-governmental stakeholders. These actors have been surveyed and interviewed to determine their assessment of the progress of the implementation of the Directive and of the national actions taken with respect to its implementation. The latter notably includes the achievements and obstacles encountered during the implementation process of the National Action Plans. The final study can be found here.

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