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OIR contributes to develop indicators for measuring the effect of INTERREG programs

Organised by the European Committee of the Regions on June 6th in Brussels the conference “Interreg Sudoe or when transnational cooperation helps to build Europe” focused on the contribution of European transnational cooperation programs showcasing the success of the Interreg Sudoe programme. The panel discussion concentrated on the future challenges of INTERREG programs. Erich Dallhammer pointed out that the justification of spending European money becomes more and more a political issue. Transnational INTERREG programs are facing the challenge that there are no sufficient European wide available indicators for measuring cooperation. Currently OIR is leading a project team that is developing new indicators that help to evaluate cooperation in the ESPON project “Territorial Evidence Support of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes”. A summary of this event can be downloaded here.