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Launch of ‘ESPON TIA Tool Update‘

On the 7th of February 2017 the project ‘ESPON TIA Tool Update‘ started with a meeting in Luxemburg. The tools project which was tendered by the European Spatial Planning Observatory Network (ESPON) will be realised by OIR together with Laurentia Technologies from Spain and runs for three years. Aim of the project is the further development of the TIA web tool, which is operational since 2014 and is based on the "Territorial Impact Assessment Quick Check" of the ESPON ARTS project. The regional sensitivity indicators will be updated, the mapping tool modernised, new functions for urban and cross-border impact assessment will be added and the overall usability will be improved. Additionally, workshops and trainings for DG Regio and CoR will be held in the framework of the service. The tool aims to allow regional policy makers and practitioners to identify potential territorial impacts of new legislative measures – e.g. EU directives – on European regions.

Source: Final report ESPON ARTS p.92