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ESPON-Workshop Territorial Futures

The ESPON study on ‘Possible European Territorial Futures’ explores different futures for Europe and their territorial impacts. The aim is to generate new insight on possible future developments and to develop a territorial foresight approach which supports policy makers in assessing the robustness and ‘future-proof’ of their policies. In the focus group held on 20-21 February in Vienna, about 60 experts discussed the three foresight topics dealing with a new place-based circular economy, 100% renewable energy production and consumption and a European property markets collapse. The participatory approach to territorial foresight applied in Vienna, implemented by Erich Dallhammer, Jiannis Kaucic, Bernd Schuh and Spatial Foresight, was largely an experiment testing a new approach to territorial foresight. The results are now being compiled for the draft final report and a practical handbook for the (ESPON) research community and planning practitioners on how to conduct European territorial foresight studies is being developed.