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Environment and development co-operation? Finalisation of an evaluation

On January 14th, 2016 Bernd Schuh from OIR and the partner organisation ADE presented the results of the “Evaluation of the Environment Policy of the Austrian Development Co-operation between 2007 and 2014”. The evaluation focused on the main actors of official development aid: Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the Austrian Development Agency, who also acted as contracting authority. The evaluation included 27 evaluation questions. In order to obtain the necessary information, Bernd Schuh and Joanne Tordy from OIR analysed strategic, program and project documents, conducted interviews and held focus group discussion. Two case study trips in Ethiopia and Georgia allowed further important insights. The report is expected to be available on the website of the Austrian Development Agency by March 2016 (www.entwicklung.at).

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